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From August 1974 until November 2007, I operated my business at the corner of 53rd & Philomath Blvd. where my Dad and Mom ran their TV shop (Hutley TV Service) for 44 years. It was my first business move in 33 years and I had to toss much accumulated treasure to move into a smaller store! My business was originally just antennas but has changed over the years to encompass many other ways of delivering entertainment to my customers.

From November 2007 until October 2016 Christy and I operated at 2065 Buchanan Ave across from Fred Meyers. It was a good central location to operate from (and four miles closer to home for the daily commute).

October 15, 2016

After 42 years of service we have decided to Semi-Retire and work Part Time. We closed our Storefront but this is not the end of Gene's Antenna. Gene will still be doing upgrades, repairs, advice, etc. as well as new Dish Network sales. Whether you have been with us a for a few weeks or a few decades please feel free to call us for your entertainment needs or questions. We are no longer advising or installing for new Off Air customers.

We are available via our normal phone 541 752-6895 or email (genesantenna @ and we will try to respond to messages in a timely manner - normally same day.

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